‘Lazor Wulf’ Review: You Should Be High AF to Watch This New Adult Swim Series

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‘Lazor Wulf’ Review: You Should Be High AF to Watch This New Adult Swim Series

lazor-wulf-review-adult-swim-seriesLazor Wulf is all set to premiere on Adult Swim with back-to-back quarter-hour episodes this Sunday, April 7th at Midnight ET/PT. The series, pitched as being about “finding the inner strength to buy your own cereal, not dying, and the art of the scam,” is colorful and full of unique characters but rather aimless and ultimately kind of pointless. I’m all for Adult Swim series experimenting with animation styles (see Tigtoneand The Shivering Truth), anthropomorphic animal absurdities (see Squidbillies and their inky ilk), and late-night, bizarro takes like Too Many Cooks, but Lazor Wulf just didn’t have enough comedy, absurdity, or charismatic chemistry to keep me interested.

Created by Henry Bonsu and executive-produced by Bonsu, Daniel Weidenfeld (China, IL), Carl Jones (The Boondocks), and Vince Staples, with joyous animation from Bento Box Entertainment, Lazor Wulf follows a wolf who carries a laser on his back (as you might have guessed) and the adventures he and his pack of carefree friends face while hanging out at their neighborhood joints like The Clurb and Esther’s Diner. The main cast of voice actors include musical artists Vince Staples and DRAM, WWE Superstar Big E, along with Quinta Brunson, Judnick Mayard, Andre Pascoe, Reginald VelJohnson, and J.D. Witherspoon.

Check out the Lazor Wulf trailer before getting into the particulars of my review below: